CLIENT: American Express x New York or Nowhere for The Barbarian Group

PRODUCT: IDLEWILD Collection (Luxury Travel Wear from NYON)

WHAT WAS THE GOAL? We were tasked to complete rush retouching for Quincy Moore, creative director and co-founder of New York or Nowhere (NYON). Our goal was to perform retouching on 40 images for the sake of screen printing logos onto various clothing items. We were driven to complete this job efficiently since the images were scheduled to be sent out to Amex Instagram followers, who would vote on the various styles.  

HOW DID SALT APPROACH THIS PROJECT? Salt Studios was alerted of this job by The Barbarian Group, Amex’s agency.  They asked us to produce a variety of screen printed logos for NYON’s new travel wear collection, celebrating travel after long-term restrictions due to the pandemic. We planned the placement of the logos and after screen printing these logos on various photos of clothing items (t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants), we color balanced the photo backgrounds, which ensured a polished final look. 

WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME? In terms of digital distribution, this project launched on Amex’s Instagram with great success. After the voting was completed, NYON took to the streets of Soho and went live on social media for the launch of the collection. The collection sold out in less than 48 hours and led to an 142% increase in sales for NYON.  

TAKEAWAYS FROM THE SALT TEAM: Given the amount of work and very short timeline we were given, the Salt team rose to the challenge, and we impressed ourselves by using our retouching expertise to make this project possible. NYON and The Barbarian Group were highly pleased with the results, and we are eager to work with these clients again in the future. 


Sources: American Express / Membership Week

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