WHAT WAS THE GOAL? Design, format, and mint 20 small NTFs for Salt Studios.

HOW DID SALT APPROACH THIS PROJECT? We made a looping animation of our signature neon sign to use as the base of our first NTF. With the intention of minting a small run of 20, we color shifted the hue or each iteration 18 degrees on the color hue wheel to fully and evenly encompass the entire color spectrum across all 20 NFTs. We also superimposed each employee’s initials on one of the background bricks for further personalization. We decided to use Ravencoin blockchain to mint our NFTs. This blockchain has built-in asset layer, which proved to be very effective, low-cost solution for our first token.

WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME? We established our starting presence in the NFT world and successfully  carried out the NFT development timeline.

TAKEAWAYS FROM THE SALT TEAM: We proved to ourselves that we have the potential to become involved with NFT development, especially in terms of NFT content creation. We can look at our new NFT presence as a starting point for our future NFT pursuits.


Want more? View our CGI workflow here!